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#1 Posted : Monday, October 28, 2013 1:39:54 PM(UTC)

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Ideas post for NZA1(that can be for NZA2)
=Further details on:


And more and specific NZA1


Summary modes said:

4 vs 4 team coop to do a sabotage surrounded by zombies.(team vs team)

***FLAG MODE with zombies, that atack both teams, so everybody not only have to attack Or defend, also survive.
Improve the multiplayer, to avoid blind people, for the detection of enemy forces to move more or find your position.

4 players vs 4jugadores. Endless hordes of zombies. Each team has its tower but can move around the map (not recommended together think better protect xd).
The goal, winning the last team alive(stand). That is, each team tried to destroy the opposing team.By rotating the left one injured, forcing the opponent to heal or have one less to defend from zombies.
Therefore, nobody dies and can be cured by peers, but being hurt will be disadvantaged. So to survive. Great fighting forces. Avoid approaching zombies to bases and getting into trouble to the opposing team.

***ZOMBIE NAZI AT THE GATES MODE: (multi-Nazi kill tally,but human team as enemy not bots vs 4 human main characters )
-4 players play as the protagonists.
-Up to 10 players can be the zombie Nazis (play as enemy).
-The four players can heal, and benefits to survive.
-Enemy players are limited to random character touched. (Only one weapon and ability, lame, fast, jumping buildings ...)
-Whenever an enemy dies Nazi comeback takes seconds, and random enemy character changes. So it's always interesting challenges.
-Stakeholders should or resist a time, or completing objectives.
-Maybe that each new game are changed four protagonists.

***SHOOTING RANGE MODE(Sniper Survivor mode which tries to contain the enemy as far away as possible and as long as possible. =4coop-kill tally-bots enemies)
-Map: Mittelwerk Facility
-map: "Neudof outpost"(fuel dump)
-Map: Brandenburg Gate

Join something like story mode with a infinite zombies attack.
The goal is to reach the evacuation point. But that should go in helping you reach the base defense
In each base besides guns, bombs, fixed machine gun turrets for helping to defend using them and let the team's path of escape.
The enemies do not stop. So they need fixed machine guns. But also between base and base should be covered to feed about being covered by others, and then cover those left behind.
Therefore, not can advance to how lonely, need advance helping some in advance while defending, yq defend you since the new basis for you arrive alli. So to the goal.
No rest areas, only one or maximum advantage of two machine guns turrets.

***SURVIVAL SNIPER DUEL MODE (2coop vs 2 coop\or 4 vs 4)
Two teams with two players each team. They can shoot the other team to make it difficult for them to survive and reach the zombies to the enemy base (opposing team).
The team can heal each other as in the original game NZA. Team loses all its members die. It may be several rounds putting the game. Example: Win team alive 5 times-rounds.
Zombies should not fail to appear and go in both directions (the two bases facing each other).

***SURVIVAL SNIPER COOP MODE (2+2coop=half team help far his other half team)
One team but spread of 2 in a house and the other two on another in the distance.
There is no possibility of going from one base to another by a gap that can not climb.
The zombies come from both sides of the middle of the courtyard that separates the team.The zombies or soil or fall arising from side walls of the medium field.
The team also to fend off zombies nearby, should help as possible to colleagues on the other side.(Firing the distance).
This time you can choose the difficulty and time zombie horde between a minimum and a maximum time (until infinity if you want).
If you choose a time limit, you win if you can survive.

This time can not hurt the other team.
In half of the map between the two bases, there are 3 signs indicating the direction that will direct the zombies that appear next.(like:
Or bells

If you shoot with your sniper rifle and hit, the signal change. So we create new rivalry as we defend the zombies had already changed its course and if they appear before the change.
The zombies keep the direction of attack as they appeared.
Win who survive and have the zombies eat the opponent. xd

The idea is simple but promising. All maps Sev2 bomber, but with zombies for 4 coop.

***RENEGADE ZOMBIE (Avoid becoming a zombie) MODE:
This is a New multiplayer survival mode.
It can be played as a team or several teams matchup. All attacked by zombies and each other (if multiple teams).
In this variation, the people killed by zombies become zombies that can attack any team. These "converts"person-zombie will have points for deaths that do to everybody no zombie (include kill the team that you were like the rival).
So motivated to attack when you are all zombie and not just a team.
When these "zombies converts" are fallen wounded, if cured before he died (a few seconds), people will become as that team that rescue(no the original necessary).
If you die being zombie, zombie reappear as (could be interesting to be random if the type of zombie sniper, machine gun, zombie melee).

If being zombie you kill someone, you make zombie. Zombies win if they all become, but it won the team comes first to a score.

I think it gives new roles and struggles balancing equipment, and new challenges.

- The team of four players, two snipers in watchtowers will be affected only by Zombies snipers, and the other two partners must meet targets surrounded by zombies.(they no have sniper rifles xd)


NEW MODES : (new ideas pre-release NZA2)

***CROSS ROADS MODE:Maps or campaigns with two parallel paths, each path with 2 members of the team. And they can help the other team from afar so they can all get to the end.

The 4 players are in 4 small raised bases (each player in each base), alone, with infinite ammo and doors closed.
The goal, get the 4 meet together at one point to escape by car(for example).
So to facilitate together, should three cover the fourth player who will open the door and try to get along with another partner. So to meet the whole team. Only then can uence.
It's challenging and fun to cover the distance to each player they arrive to other bases.

I hope all you enjoy reading and Rebellion creating... Please xd

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#2 Posted : Wednesday, October 30, 2013 11:55:14 AM(UTC)
Mairtin (IRE)

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One thing about you Nick is your not Short of an Idea or 2 lol.....nice read
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