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#1 Posted : Tuesday, January 13, 2015 10:03:44 AM(UTC)

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Accelerate the the movement of characters. The second part was much better in motion.
Back the minimap
Two teams like to be in v2.Do not allow the skin to be the same in both teams.For example, let's say, the German and the Russian team is 5-5 choice between the skins. As the first part of Sniper Elite.Unlike the third part, say that both teams have the same camouflage sniper skin.
Flag procurement could lower the flag is often confusing because the third part. Too big. There are many viewing angle to cover.
Bring back the TTH game modes.
Ye shall not make such high levels.Ye shall not make such high levels. Or, more people can connect to the server, not just the 12. Switch the respawn system.Very bad TDM to the opponent put behind me.
Why is not like the first part of the sniper elite. Both teams had a permanent place to respawn. This has not changed. I always put there the same.
Cover system. I think bad, why is not he like the v2. Then if I want her back leaning against the wall. But not used in the v2. Very few people used. Multi consider superfluous or lie down or sit down behind the for cover.
It is very annoying to automatically look behind the for cover when I go close to the wall. It is often that, in principle, lookouts, the telescope has shown that there is nothing in front of me. Still stuck in a shot.Very often he will die in the game. Because it automatically looks from behind the for cover and I did not want to.
The first part was the best. Then I looked up when I want to.
Shooting Rage nice Idee, but Why is not included in the base game, before starting the single campaign.As long as you do not do it you can not go a single campaign.
TDM mode, the game count the kills, not to give up some points.
Delete the rank system,There is no point in this game.Everything you can get hold of a personal campaign. All attachment.Be only choose weapons and crosshairs look. Or as progressing, you will reach one level and you can give your weapon when you have reached a level which will be the weapon.But I'd be happy if Call of Duty would be no rank system,already boring, Were much better than the old ones when only weapon was a choice. There were no killstreaks.
Be constantly over the character of the white crosses than the first sniper elite.
Silent or Knife kill in multi!!!There are many great game modes wrote Nick, why do not you use it? HQ Headquarters , I think it would be good.
Female skins back, in sniper elite 1 was.
Give more ammo, and delete ammo boxes.

Were change the main character Karl.
Do not always have to do the same. As was the 3. Damaging the machine if clatter shoot.
It should not be to turn on the alarm.
Infiltrate behind enemy lines. Possibly clothing swap . You pick up the German and Russian soldiers in dress. Not to be conspicuous're there. Why could not his own man shooting the soldier companions.
Possibly be like the Last of Us. Two characters, make sure you reach characters in helping each other,climb shooting positions. One spotter and a sniper, but all have sniper.Changing environment, be it city, woods, fields, mountains, snowy field, field sunny, cloudy area etc ....
Day night alternation.

Better PC port.Excessive use of the video card. But there is no one like graphics or BF4 has a 3 Crysis or Metro Last Light redux. Switch the engine!

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Nickbond on 1/21/2015(UTC)
#2 Posted : Sunday, January 18, 2015 3:27:47 PM(UTC)

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Those are some good ideas. I definitely agree about the character movement. It's too clunky, and in my view, is what produces alot of the lag issues. Just go back to the V2 model and smooth panning.

In addition, it's a Sniper game, and the backdrops look okay, but in a Sniper game, cloud movement is relatively important, and seems to be missing on all or most of the game. The backdrops and clouds are dead (like COD, and unlike V2), and i think its a problem, being a sniper uses cloud and atmospheric conditions.

Character Customization, particlularly in Third Person games are important, and are lacking in this game, as far as the Campaign.

You have to be able to change uniforms, skins, helmets etc. I would love to use the GI, British, German, or Indian uniforms on the Campaign.

A Sniper in the middle of a desert (or anywhere) with no helmet or hat is just crazy. People are mentioning female skins, but just as well, having the MP Skins playable in the Campaign would solve alot of those issues (even the original SE on PS2 gave you uniform choices).

As far as the next setting, i think the "Guns of Navarone" would be great. Huge German guns above a huge Mountain off the European Aegan Sea can bring many different enviornments, such as desert, mountain, snow, forest, and urban areas. Rain, night maps, snowy conditions etc. That too, if not fictional, was an OSS or Special Op that would be perfect for this game (going by the books and movies by Alistair Maclain).

Personally, SE3 was a game that just grew on me, if not for just the Campaign, and seems to attract older gamers such as myself given the relaxing enviornment, and great stories, including all the collectibles in the campaign making it as much as an "Operative" type game, as much as a Sniper game. However, there is much room for improvement, and i hope these suggestions are taken somewhat seriously.
#3 Posted : Tuesday, January 20, 2015 7:24:54 PM(UTC)

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Sniper Elite 4? ^^
Good idea !!!
Bring good old guns back 5Schuss as in Sniper Elite1
good old maps such as U-Bahn, Meet The Courier, Brandenburg Gate,
The French Cathedral
Skins of figures where they can make their own choice.

But let this sh*t like M1 arms 15 shots
where every kid thinks he is the best player in the world Headshot
he makes kills with M1 ridiculous this weapon is for kids sprayer
8-9-10-15 Shots for a kill ???? ridiculous.
Something is for noobs !!!! Learning with guns with their Games (5 Shots) !!!!
and not to spray like a stupid child on the head with M1
She with headshot playing nothing to do.
Therefore, they delete such weapons as M1.

Delete the ranking system is not a sniper cool on a ranking system
except Kiddys and cheater.

Bring a decent anti-cheat protection for clans, gamer
where their servers can check properly
prior to cheat and dirt finch.
How zm example of Procon Frostbite, rconNET Battlefield 3
Ingame Admins with permission system
Subadmins for the Web Interface
Managing Server Settings
server Info
Kick / Ban / move players to the other team or squad (separate or the same team)
automated News
High Ping Kicker
plugin Interface

Not to put Vac (Steam) not too many cheaters where Vac picks
by scammers !!! they look at all these videos on Youtube
fully with all this sh*t !!! as V2, or Sniper3.

Players become heroes overnight and wiso
since Vac or UAC is no protection.

I hope you have learned from error or as V2 Sniper Elite. 3

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Makkara on 9/3/2015(UTC)
#4 Posted : Wednesday, March 04, 2015 7:15:02 AM(UTC)

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Guys! Switch the engine plz. Unreal Tournament 4 and Source 2 engine and the Unity engine is free. What you have made a good engine.But it's old.Even almost did not come out of the game, ready to cheat.Because this engine was in the v2 and so the 3-in was not hard to do the cheats.+ So nothing is more driven by the video card.Shadow of Mordor game, which is much nicer graphics. do not use very the VGA as this game.Unreal engine at least in the third. I remember the low-end machines also went well.The Source engine was not much demands the machine. If I'm right.

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#5 Posted : Wednesday, March 04, 2015 6:04:19 PM(UTC)

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Originally Posted by: Atis Go to Quoted Post
Guys! Switch the engine plz. Unreal Tournament 4 and Source 2 engine and the Unity engine is free. What you have made a good engine.But it's old.Even almost did not come out of the game, ready to cheat.Because this engine was in the v2 and so the 3-in was not hard to do the cheats.+ So nothing is more driven by the video card.Shadow of Mordor game, which is much nicer graphics. do not use very the VGA as this game.Unreal engine at least in the third. I remember the low-end machines also went well.The Source engine was not much demands the machine. If I'm right.

Shadow of Mordor runs off of Lith Tech's Jupiter Extended engine, and it is a surprise the game looks as good as it does as that engine has been really unchanged since 2005. Then the problem with running something like Unreal, Quake and Source engines are that they run a lot better on first person games than they do in 3rd person. They tend to have aiming issues. Developer Undead Labs ran into that issue on their game State of Decay using the CryEngine. More than just the game engine effect the demands on a computer, look at Minecraft, such a simple game yet it is fairly computer intensive. If the game doesn't run smooth enough for you just lower the graphical settings or you may need a better computer.
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#6 Posted : Thursday, March 05, 2015 9:05:07 AM(UTC)

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I have this computer this is low?

QuadCore Intel Core i7-4770K, 3500 MHz
ASRock Z87 Killer
Corsair Vengeance Pro 8 GB
XfX R9 270x 2GB

But as the game appears. Are complete cheats. Almost the same files as the first part. Why was that it was already 1-2 weeks after the appearance of Sniper Elite 3 was a cheater?

Gear of War is sh*t in Unreal Engine 3? Gear of War 1,2,3, Judgment? In 3rd Person?
Lost Planet is sh*t game? In 3rd Person?

The graphics are not the biggest problem. Rather, the scammers have been known to the files.They know where to find what.telescope adjustment, skin color, aimbot, GTH clan just to make deals with cheating.
#7 Posted : Thursday, March 05, 2015 9:11:18 PM(UTC)

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OK, I have been testing a simulation of SE4.

I have wrapped my Xbox in material to make it overheat & keep locking up, the power lead has a loose connection so it keeps resetting and I have turned the TV to the side so that I cannot see all the graphics, my controler batteries are flat so it's unresponsive and I have introduced some lag into it by wrapping it in foil.

Took the ethernet plug out so I could not find multiplayer lobbys.

I wont need to buy it now.
Have fun - its only a game. (pity not all can treat it as such).
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spyderfxe on 3/6/2015(UTC)
#8 Posted : Tuesday, March 10, 2015 11:50:28 PM(UTC)

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I think it was a good idea. Zombie Army games that you can play only one game.One game enough that all levels you can play along. Because in him is all.Each of the 15 track is included. Why are not you doing it. How the Sniper Elite 4 multiplayer. would contain levels of Sniper Elite 1, SEv2,SE3 + new track(SE4maps) that has not been seen.We could vote on which maps should be inside.
SE1:Ubahn,Missing Contact,Safe House, Nordsig
SEv2: Graves, Neudorf, Black Market, Arms Race
SE3: Airstrip, Hellfire, Lost Valley, Outpost Canyon
SE4: New map 1,New map 2,New map 3,New map 4,
+DLC Maps.
#9 Posted : Saturday, April 11, 2015 1:07:26 PM(UTC)

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Why not include a map editer. That way they don't need to make doc maps. Charge us for the map making tools.
PMcG No.6  
#10 Posted : Tuesday, June 16, 2015 7:34:34 PM(UTC)
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This is all from PS4 experience:

-Fix wall clipping when shooting behind cover. Many times I've tried to fire only to discover I'm shooting the wall.

-Customized character; choice of character/gender, costumes, camo, rifle camo. I like the current rifle customization. Would like to see it improved on.

-Better/more environment sound masking. More choices than generators and planes. More storm cover like Fort Refugio etc.

-Different rifles (drop the Gaurand) but keep Mosin, Enfield, Carcano. Would love to see the Swiss K31 added!

-Improve tracking of xray cam. Get frequent wonky camera shots that don't track right and I see backdrop at impact followed by a quick snap around pan of shot.

-More open environment. Allow players to explore more map area. Maybe add a grappling hook or some way for us to scale environment to set up nests.
#11 Posted : Wednesday, June 24, 2015 12:15:29 AM(UTC)

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when are the clowns who make online multiplayers going to figure this out?

QUIT PUTTING OUR NAMES UP ABOVE OUR HEADS... nobody on my team needs to know where I am, if they do, I can tell them.

QUIT LETTING THE CRYBABY'S OF THE GAME VOTE YOU OUT JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE BETTER...you should only be able to vote on your own team and once removed, they should not be able to join the game all over again, duh.

QUIT MAKING US KILL OURSELVES JUST TO GET MORE AMMO... how ridiculous is that? back in the house behind us should be an ammo box, it is not difficult to figure out.



LEADERBOARDS SHOULD BE FOR TOP SKILL LEVEL SETTINGS ONLY. nobody gives a crap about how you jacked up your stats down in the tiddlywink division.
#12 Posted : Thursday, July 23, 2015 3:25:04 PM(UTC)

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It shows the progress of City Interactive team. They could take some ideas from them.Maybe rock climbing. The positions where you want to shoot.Is it good for the safe house.Where You can upgrade your weapons. Upgrade you skills, your items.If it had been the Sniper Elite 3-in as well. You can that a single player to collect his weapon accessories.Then why could not this have been installed in the given map in safe house. Before you play your way through the map.
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Nickbond on 9/16/2015(UTC)
#13 Posted : Sunday, August 02, 2015 7:53:25 PM(UTC)

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everyone say bring it back like se1 some say v2 why not chance it all together italy or far east as new game play more bigger maps on multi-players on se3 the maps was small longest shot hell fire multi play 251m without a using the glitch v2 471m and multi players no cross should be like fracter
#14 Posted : Saturday, August 22, 2015 5:02:12 AM(UTC)

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my multiplayer ideas, i don't care about campaign missions bugs.

1. fix the emerge bug.
1a. sometimes you emerge and can't take a shot at all. you keep pressing the button and nothing happens.
1b. sometimes you emerge just to shoot the edge of the wall in front on you. come on!
2. people walking and taking shots, no penalty on accuracy when moving. (real sniper scenario... yeah right)
3. people glitching by taking shots from the stairs in prone position
4. remove panzerfaust on multiplayer matches
5. "am i tagged?" remove tag indicator on minimap.
6. remove "where the shot came from" indicator.
7. never a maps similar to "Ghost Town" for No Cross. Red Team has all the advantage.
8. don't let matched begin when team are unbalance. 6 vs 2, auto balance it.
9. balance teams before the match begins, no 50s vs 5 lvls unless they agree.
9. fix the first kill doesn't count rule when teams are unbalance. it is like a triple penalty for the team!!!, because kill is not recorded, points are not given, but on top of that you have given away your position by killing the worst player on the other team, and now he is on your team, and he starts to run like he is playing call of duty.

10. add 2 types of tagging.
10a. one is just for yourself, private tagging.
10b. the other one is public, for your whole team.

11. and most importantly add a real training mode.
it is really easy, all you have to do is add option so a player can load any multiplayer map (similar to survival. where you can load 3 maps), but all maps should be available. then you go put your playerA wherever you want and then you let us control playerB, so basically, playerB will practice shooting at playerA in real multiplayer maps.
the shooting range is not good...

12 enable options for wind.

if i think of something else i will add it later.

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Achmed the Dead Terrorist  
#15 Posted : Saturday, September 12, 2015 12:19:30 PM(UTC)
Achmed the Dead Terrorist

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Include option to remove or lessen heartbeat and breathing - really really annoying.
Remove name tags or make them smaller - they can block your shot or obstruct your view.
When using unscoped sometimes your head or leaves, etc block the shot. view should be from eye not behind head.
Include a high ping inhibitor in MP. A player with high ping has an advantage as they can shoot you - while to you they are still crouching behind a wall or you can die after you have gone prone behind a wall.
MUST HAVE: Anti Cheat feature.
SILENCE ! I Kill You
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ixi-all-trash on 9/13/2015(UTC)
#16 Posted : Thursday, November 19, 2015 8:56:07 PM(UTC)

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The character animation needs to be realistic. SE3's character[s] moves like he's made out of wood, especially when you accidently slide down a rock-face, it's like he's laying on a snow sled.

Switching between standing, kneeling and prone is as clunky as clunky gets at the moment, a sniper doesn't move anything like that.

Imagine what a great game this could have been had it been made with passion. If the thoughts and wishes of the fans are ignored next time round Rebellion will never be trusted again.

If Sniper Elite fans were happy with SE3 then this forum would be busy with 'wish lists' for SE4... I'll check back in a few months to see if anyone has replied.

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PSN: SaboteurSniper

If you send me a Friends Request on PS3 please mention Sniper Elite
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Nickbond on 11/20/2015(UTC)
#17 Posted : Friday, November 20, 2015 12:28:45 PM(UTC)

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I wish...
1-Move at least as Sniper elitev2. The scenary must no hace invisible walls too...(for example when the ground no have the same high...se3 no let you neither climb...
2-Killcam as Sniperelitev2 (have slower AND conplete secuence from shot to impact, but Se3 no, faster,with cut scene...
3-New killcam features:
A)Be able to slow Or fast Bullet fly killcam(pressed buttons for example
B)Be able to move freedom The camera around the Bullet fly to enjoy the secuence.
C)Add ocassional the complete internal path of the Bullet from press the rifle And the Bullet go out from the rifle. (Something as the last motor trunks But with your weapon)
4-extra movement for be perfect:
Climb,Move And deadly close movement FOR all places like:
-assasin creed games
-Solintercell conviction/blacklist
5-climatogy. I wish a winter-snow...too.
6-random enemies places,paths ... For no have the same easy route.
7-Let start cooperative missions alone, And let join before people. Like Zombie Army trilogy!!
8-Add to MULTIPLAYER a conquest of several bases mode. Have points with time for each base your team have. And win The first team that have "x"points.
9-Add a rescue MODE(team MULTIPLAYER). For example: when a player die, this PLAYER wait to be recovered for other team'player , But the enemy can Grab him to no let easy to be recovered... This is only a idea.
10-My suggest solution against cheaters ...
The game should only let Playing if you have:
1)-an account with Rebelion
2)-have registred the game (linked to the Rebellion account).
If the game detect your account-keygame is not on the official database you cant play it. If you do cheats, AND REBELLION after inspect this See that is true, can invalidate your multiplayer game on for a time Or more if you continue with cheats. At least this for official servers. Private servers decide the server.
So Steam let you play because you have, But only official servers could be played if you are logging with Rebellion account And REBELLION let you. This is my suggest solution.
I See you friends.

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#18 Posted : Wednesday, November 25, 2015 7:41:32 AM(UTC)

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I have faced a lot of problems in playing Sniper Elite III. First of all, when sync in multiplayer mood, screen got freeze though I have a 2 MBPS data connection. That's why I have not cracked the nut of it yet but surprisingly One of my friend runs the multiplayer while having similar configuration and net speed. Second one occurs when I want to split the screens, sometimes it works perfectly but sometimes it betrays. Meanwhile in a article I have read about Sniper Elite 4 and its requirement but still not sure whether that will run smoothly in my PC or not though I have the system requirement asked for it. http://www.techvicity.co...e-gameplay-trailer.html. Help me out. If anything needed to upgrade in my system, please feed me back.
#19 Posted : Tuesday, January 17, 2017 6:23:30 PM(UTC)

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